AWS S3 creation with CLI

AWS S3 creation with CLI

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In our previous post, we have seen How to configure CLI.

In this post let's see how to s3 with AWS CLI.

Create an S3 bucket

Let's start with creating an S3 bucket

$ aws s3api create-bucket --bucket <<bucketname>>

The above command creates a bucket.

Remember bucket name should be unique ⚠️ Not only to your account but globally. To ensure you follow valid bucket naming convention check here

If you want to create a bucket in a separate region

$ aws s3api create-bucket --bucket <<bucketname>> --region us-east-1

above will create your s3 bucket in the us-east-1 region.

As alternate you can also create s3 bucket using below

$ s3 mb s3://<<bucketname>>

In the next post let's see other S3 commands in detail.

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