AWS - Service Health checks

AWS - Service Health checks

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Have you ever noticed ??

Have you ever noticed for the application that hosted on the cloud getting some intermittent issue and the issue gets auto resolved?

In the IT world 🌍 restarts the server 💻 / just clear browser cache all issues will be fixed on their own 🤗.

What actually going cloud-native means?

  • We may hear the term cloud-native more often in recent times.
  • Cloud-native also translates to run all your services 100% without you owning any physical server.


As you may already know AWS is one of the cloud service provider, where you can launch servers, store data, and do almost anything without you actually owning any physical server.

New Startup

If you are a startup you may even able to run your website and application at zero cost with a free tier of 1-year coverage.

How can we know if AWS servers fail?

Coming back to the topic, we are moving from a physical server to a cloud, there may be a common question what if there is an outage on AWS end?

How can I verify myself so that I don't break my head troubleshooting my application / digging my mailbox for any communication/raising case to AWS after getting tiered on troubleshooting?

AWS Healthcheck

AWS offers a live health dashboard of their service region-wise.


So from now on, you can cross-check the status board to ensure the AWS services you use are up and running

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