AWS Sysops Admin Preparation guide

AWS Sysops Admin Preparation guide

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Are you planning to prepare for Sysops Admin and not sure is that for you? or Not clear what to be focused on. This guide is for you.

As Per AWS

" The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate examination is intended for systems administrators in a systems operations role with at least one year of experience in deployment, management, and operations on AWS."

But in reality, you don't need one year of experience to crack this all you need is your time to practice hands-on for all the services.

What to Focus?

We all know services are going to same when it comes to exams, it can be Sol arch, Developer associate or Sysops. You need to know the basics of what is used for what.

But perspective and how the exam validates your skill change. eg: Developer associate is more than how you use AWS as a developer. CLI, SDK bla bla

Similarly, AWS evaluates you based on 7 domains


Read in detail in their AWS guide

Now Need to know what are the services to focus on, Listing below those services to focus on. On going through each service always think in admin perspective, ask yourself

  • How you can manage 100* Resources (can be 100 EC2, 100 S3 buckets) in the optimised way with less manual action.

  • How can you monitor all 100 * Resources

  • How can you secure all 100 * Resources in bulk

  • How to manage 100 * AWS accounts

  • How to manage 100 * Users and their permissions

Any service 100 * should be your question.

Service List

IAM EC2 EBS EFS ELB Inspector Guard duty EMR VPC Direct connect VPN Security Group NACL WAF Shield AdvancedShield S3 Cloudwatch CloudTrail VPC Flow logs Access Logs Route 53 SQS SNS DynamoDB RDS AWS Config Billing Budgets CostExplorer Trust Advisor KMS CloudHSM Systems Manager X-Ray Step Function Macie Aurora Redshift Artifact Multi-account strategies Cloudfront SCP Control Tower Storage gateway Cloudformation Elastic Beanstalk Code Deploy Code Build Code commit Ops work Lambda APIGateway

Don't faint on seeing huge list it's not that difficult as it may sound. On upcoming blogs, we keep posting on Sysops preparation. Stay tuned and Happy Learning.

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