AWS codecommit - alternate to github / any git

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Are you looking for your own repository?. Easy to manage? at the same time as cloud-native with no hassle of managing backend servers. If yes AWS offers you a repository service called Code Commit

Awesome news is in free tier you get below at free of cost


In this post let's see how to create a repository in action

  • Navigate to code commit and begin with create a repository



  • Not a Rocket science 🚀🧑‍🔬 give opt name for your name and description and get it created


How can we manage files in the repo?

It can be done in 3 ways

Option 1 - UI ( Less preferred)

In your repo, you can either start by adding/creating a file


Option 2 - Username and Password ( Better than above method still not preferred)

As a pre-requisite to authenticate you need to create git credentials.

How to create git credentials?

Navigate to IAM -> Users -> Username -> Security credentials (tab)


Once created get it cloned using HTTPS endpoint

Detailed aws document can be found in the repository UI


Option 3 - Using SSH ( preferred for personal repos)

Generate SSH and map it to your user once then authentication be done via SSH. Instructions can be found in the aws page in your repository


If you are managing accounts with

federated access, identity providers, and temporary credentials.

then you can handle using HTTPS (GRC)


same as above 2 methods instructions can be found in your created repository.

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